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ummm i’d like this for my next camping trip.

I want one of these!!

Imagine the sex…

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First Kiss is a beautiful short video that goes from awkward to cute to downright sexy in just moments. Tatiana Pilieva’s short video shows strangers put together with the idea that they’ll have their first kiss on film.

There’s a mix of young and old, straight and gay, strong first-sight attraction – and at least one woman doesn’t seem down for it at all. It’s a wonderful video, where the gesture of affection and love transcend the daily ups-and-downs of life that just make us feel good.

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It seems like just yesterday when it happened, six years ago to this date. I remember waking up with a bad feeling in my stomach and it wouldn’t go away. After hearing the news I was in a shock of disbelief. How could this person, so loveable, gentle and warm hearted be taken away to easily.

Six years on I still feel your presences with me. Every time I see a flower I think of you and when ever I needed guidance I feel you’re there showing me the right direction to take.

I miss you terribly and I hope dad and I get to visit you next month.

I love you and I hope you’re at peace.

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 She keeps me warm - Mary Lambert


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Chris Pine, Josh Duhamel, Aaron Paul, Taylor Kitsch, Garrett Hedlund, Amie Hamer, Garrett Hedlund, James Marsden, James Franco, Chris Hemsworth, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt@Yu Tsai.

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